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micro towel

  • Best Microfiber Cotton Dust Cleaning Cloths Face Towel

    Best Microfiber Cotton Dust Cleaning Cloths Face TowelCleaning towel is 8 times stronger than cotton in water absorptivity. microfiber wipes is effective in removing stains, easy to clean, and anti-dropping. It is fine and smooth. It feels soft and never makes our hands uncomfortable. It do not only have strong water absorptivity, but also protect our hands well. The thick towel is very solid and durable. The towel has a variety of colors to choose. We can use towers with different colors for different places and do not need to worry about taking the wrong towers mistakenly any more.Read More

  • Cleaning Cloth for Spectacle Eyeglasses Sunglass

    Cleaning Cloth for Spectacle Eyeglasses SunglassThe eyeglasses cleaning cloth is made of superfine fiber, superfine fiber fabrics with high water absorption, strong decontamination, super soft, not hair removal, easy to clean features, its unique m type section can effectively capture the dust particles as small as a few microns, superfine fiber holes to the ability of absorbing water pollution is 6 times of the normal cotton.Read More