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double layer umbrella

  • New Creative Double Layer Reverse Folding Umbrella

    New Creative Double Layer Reverse Folding UmbrellaThis auto reverse umbrella is Windproof and Anti-UV, The Inverted, Reverse Umbrella Protects you from wind and rain or sun at anytime. Hands free when holding a baby, mobile, or anything else. Just hang the reversible umbrella on the wrist, a larger C-Shaped handle make it more comfortable for men and women.Read More

  • Promotio Good and Pretty Folding Rain Umbrella

    Promotio Good and Pretty Folding Rain UmbrellaCreative Inverted Design - Inside-out design allows you to fold your umbrella with the wet surface being enclosed while dry side is outward; Never worried about rainy days will soak you, or your car or your floor at home any more!Read More

  • Mini Pretty Folding Kid Transparent Sun Umbrella

    Mini Pretty Folding Kid Transparent Sun UmbrellaWe are the manufacturer of umbrellas and have 20 years experience of producing customize umbrellas. So we can do all kinds of umbrellas as your requirement.​ All-weather materials: UV-resistant, color-fast, waterproof, anti-mildew, comfortable, long-lasting, durable, environment-friendly, non-toxic, recyclable and ecologically sound. Green Product: nontoxic, durable and low maintenance, colorfast, washable, light weight and easy for moving.Read More

  • Large Men's Transparent Self Standing Rain Umbrella

    Large Men's Transparent Self Standing Rain UmbrellaThe folding umbrella use of ABS Rubber lacquer frosted handle, the comfortable griping will makes you love it, the metal logo; The black glue of folding umbrella is base-free, which effectively blocks more than 99 percent of the uv and is a good companion for summer. The folding umbrella use of ultra-light aluminum bone material, which is portable and easy to carry, you can carry with it everywhere no matter sunny or rainy. Folding umbrella use of anti-pinch switch design, it won’t pinch in the process of using, it’s very secure.Read More

  • Best Small Ladies Automatic Folding Rainbow Umbrella

    Best Small Ladies Automatic Folding Rainbow UmbrellaLadies Rainbow Umbrella daily used for sun and rain / promotion/ advertising/gift, 1. Notice the weight and size of the umbrella. The lighter and more compact the umbrella, the better. 2. When inspecting the quality of the umbrella, it is important to look at the antiwind performance of the umbrella. 3.Pay attention to whether the umbrella has a convenient storage pocket, and if it has a hanging rope or ring, it will make it more convenient for you to carry.Read More

  • Large Wind Proof Three Folding Printing Umbrella

    Large Wind Proof Three Folding Printing UmbrellaThe three folding parasol has larger covering, increased the size, available for 2-3 people use, refuse getting wet; can be open and close with a button operation, one hand opening and closing the umbrella, folding parasol handle use of the antiskid design, which endue it more comfortable grip; frame of folding umbrella has ten bones. The support is more solid, flexible support, build the rain for your peace of mind, firm and durable; the folding parasol uses of high density water repellent cloth, has great waterproof characteristic.Read More

  • Men's or Ladies's Fold Printing Umbrella

    Men's or Ladies's Fold Printing UmbrellaThe printing umbrella is made of high toughness steel produced by baosteel, the pole of parasol are fully painted black piano varnish, which is beautiful and antirust, top thick and thin of The sun umbrella rod, it’s an inverted design. The sun umbrella stretching out and drawing back are very smooth and smooth, can used in the extreme bad weather. The handle of the sun umbrella is antiskid design, which can increase friction and slip resistant. The sun umbrella adopts new coating technology to combine the high quality umbrella cloth to bring the surprising effect of shading, which makes a great improvement of the protection of the small black umbrella.Read More

  • Popular Mens Large Rain Umbrella

    Popular Mens Large Rain UmbrellaThe umbrella for rain design is internal thickening, diameter of bold, strong, durable not rusting, appearance concise design, beautiful and generous; Umbrella surface is very big, seepage of water, the bold frame is more able to resist wind. Open the umbrella rain when natural slide, after use clean, water droplets that leave the umbrella, dry effect is very obvious.Read More

  • Promotiona Pretty Transparent Kids Folding PVC Umbrella

    Promotiona Pretty Transparent Kids Folding PVC UmbrellaThe thick fabric with sun umbrella surface is better than the thin fabric anti ultraviolet. Generally speaking, cotton, silk, nylon, viscose and other fabrics have poor UV protection effect, while polyester fiber is better.Read More

  • Double Layer Reverse Rain Umbrella/ Car Reverse Umbrella

    Double Layer Reverse Rain Umbrella/ Car Reverse UmbrellaThis reverse rain umbrella has a high quality and preferential prices.and manual reverse umbrella is widely used in cars,so greatly to facilitate the people travel.Read More