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digital printing cotton

  • Best Microfiber Cotton Dust Cleaning Cloths Face Towel

    Best Microfiber Cotton Dust Cleaning Cloths Face TowelCleaning towel is 8 times stronger than cotton in water absorptivity. microfiber wipes is effective in removing stains, easy to clean, and anti-dropping. It is fine and smooth. It feels soft and never makes our hands uncomfortable. It do not only have strong water absorptivity, but also protect our hands well. The thick towel is very solid and durable. The towel has a variety of colors to choose. We can use towers with different colors for different places and do not need to worry about taking the wrong towers mistakenly any more.Read More

  • Black Cotton Velvet Jewelry Drawing Pouch

    Black Cotton Velvet Jewelry Drawing PouchThe cotton jewelry bag is very delicate and has high quality grade. It feels good and can be used for packing valuables, collections, playthings, walnuts, bracelets, prayer beads, amulets, pendants, necklaces, jewelries, jades and so on. It can protect these things from breaking. The jewelry bag can be printed with special logo on the outside according to customers’ demands.Read More

  • Men's or Ladies's Fold Printing Umbrella

    Men's or Ladies's Fold Printing UmbrellaThe printing umbrella is made of high toughness steel produced by baosteel, the pole of parasol are fully painted black piano varnish, which is beautiful and antirust, top thick and thin of The sun umbrella rod, it’s an inverted design. The sun umbrella stretching out and drawing back are very smooth and smooth, can used in the extreme bad weather. The handle of the sun umbrella is antiskid design, which can increase friction and slip resistant. The sun umbrella adopts new coating technology to combine the high quality umbrella cloth to bring the surprising effect of shading, which makes a great improvement of the protection of the small black umbrella.Read More

  • Digital Print on PVC Leather Printing Fabric

    Digital Print on PVC Leather Printing FabricThis digital print on leather uses eco-friendly material. Digital print on pvc leather is economical and durable. With special technic, pvc leather printing has a unique gloss. It is crease resistant, wear resistant, resistant to hydrolysis, and it does not fade, ball, or deformation. With abundant strength, reasonable price and excellent service, we can develop new varieties and new styles according to customer demands.Read More

  • Digital Printing on Leather Design Services

    Digital Printing on Leather Design ServicesThe digital printing service is easy to operate. Without processes of platemaking and colour register, design leather printing is easy to maintain. Its low cost and high speed of printing is suitable for industrial mass production. It is also suitable for various shapes, such as flat and irregular objects. Low printing cost can greatly reduce costs of products. Its strong stability solves many deficiencies of existing plate printers.Read More

  • Cotton Mobile Phone Cover Bags Mobile Bag

    Cotton Mobile Phone Cover Bags Mobile BagThe cell phone pouch has three compartments of pocket design, can store most kinds of phones, which has hanging rope, can hang in the neck, it’s convenient to carry , and not easily lost goods; Anymore it has beam mouth, which can completely prevent the dust. The phone bag uses pliable and delicate material, has a more soft and delicate touch, comfortable and durable. The inside of the phone bag is made of soft smooth network structure material, makes it more intimate and comfortable.Read More

  • Best Digital Printing Microfiber Cleaning Cloth for Computer Screen

    Best Digital Printing Microfiber Cleaning Cloth for Computer ScreenMicrofiber cloth glasses is made of high-quality fiber fabrics, soft and delicate, not easy to lose hair, easy to fade, clean, easy to clean. Eyeglasses are versatile and can be used to clean different types of cleaning products such as lenses, mobile phones, monitors, lenses, notebooks, etc. Eyeglasses cloth suede uniform, delicate soft, rich flexibility, not easy to lose hair, not easy to fade.Read More

  • Cute Cotton Sanitary Napkin Disposal Storage Bag

    Cute Cotton Sanitary Napkin Disposal Storage BagThe sanitary napkin bag can not only be used for sanitary towels, but also for paper towels or other small items. Girls always feel inconvenient in a few days each month. It’s embarrassing to take out sanitary towels in front of a lot of people, but you need not fear when you have it because it has a lovely appearance and comfortable feel. It’s small, cute, delicate and sweet. Hurry up to take it home and let it accompany you.Read More

  • Personalized Cotton Cosmetic Make up Pouches

    Personalized Cotton Cosmetic Make up PouchesThe cotton makeup bag anti-fouling, shaping wear-resisting, beautiful. The lining of the cosmetic bag is made of peaches and nylon fabric. Cotton make up pouch is light, smooth and thick. On the basis of maintaining the shape, cotton cosmetic pouch not only reduces the weight of the bag but also keeps the fabric pocket practical.Read More

  • Large Wind Proof Three Folding Printing Umbrella

    Large Wind Proof Three Folding Printing UmbrellaThe three folding parasol has larger covering, increased the size, available for 2-3 people use, refuse getting wet; can be open and close with a button operation, one hand opening and closing the umbrella, folding parasol handle use of the antiskid design, which endue it more comfortable grip; frame of folding umbrella has ten bones. The support is more solid, flexible support, build the rain for your peace of mind, firm and durable; the folding parasol uses of high density water repellent cloth, has great waterproof characteristic.Read More